Politics News – The Other Side is Looking Good

Politics news is a fast-paced and exciting arena that allows the politicians to make their case to run the country. CANADANEWSMEDIA Politics news is the only news that gets behind the White House’s closed doors and remains virtually unseen by the ordinary person. The politicians make sure that the news coverage is all positive and casts them in a favorable light. However, when the news is not positive or casts a negative light on the politician, they can quickly point the finger of blame at the media outlet that published or reported it. Whether it is bias or intentional, no one is willing to admit that they deliberately mislead the American People.

For example, during the recent debates to replace outgoing Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA), there was an incredible and unprecedented war of words that emerged as the candidates traded barbs back and forth. One of the most significant discrepancies from the point of view came when candidate John McCain (R-AZ) said that Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA) was a “poster child” for hypocrisy. McCain made this comment while standing in front of a group of Kennedy supporters, and his campaign staff was filming the event. Later in the news, McCain said that it was a terrible strategy, and he regretted it.

Another political faux pas came when President George W. Bush decided to have a National Security Council meeting on terrorism after the tragic events in Oklahoma City. After the meeting, the press got the president on the stand and tried to retract his comments about the lack of success that our government has had fighting international terrorism. The American People were left wondering if the president wanted them to forget that the former administration fought against international terrorism as much as it did.

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Incredibly, the same reporters will take a politician’s words and misrepresent them in their reporting. You see, they are not fact-checkers; instead, they are propagandists who have a plan. They know that politicians do say something, but they don’t always mean what they say. That is political news at its finest.

When it comes to leaders and how they are perceived, it is no surprise that they tend to say things that aren’t always true because that makes them look good, and they get re-elected time again. The media will do anything necessary to get the word out about you, even if it means lying outright. Just remember that if you say one thing incorrectly, someone else is going to get it wrong.

We have leaders who lie to the American People end up voting them back into office time again. That is just not fair. Please consider this in 2021.