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Deam House – New Zealand’s Oldest Pub

Deam House is an old Victorian pub located in St Helens, New Zealand. Parc central ebrochure This historic building is the oldest working pub in New Zealand and has been around for over a century.

Deam House started as a small kitchen and dining room in the back of an old pub. The original name was the Deed Poll, which is what it is called today.

In the early days, Deam House was a favorite hangout for many local people and locals. When it first opened, Deam House featured various alcoholic drinks, including gin and vodka, along with several types of beer, sherry, brandy, and even some wines.

Deam House also had a swimming pool, a play area for local children, as well as a bar. In the later years, the popularity of Deam House began to decline, and they had to turn their pool off due to lack of interest. They did not, however, close the bar.

Many tourists to New Zealand visit Deam House as it is well known throughout the country as a great place to go and enjoy a good beer or two with friends and family. Deam House was built as a public house and still retains that general nature, although a private individual now owns it.

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Deam House is a popular tourist attraction in New Zealand and an essential part of its history. A walk through the buildings will allow you to experience the romance of a traditional New Zealand lifestyle. Deam House is a must-see if you are in the country and want to share a conventional way of life. House | real} The Deam House pub offers an extensive menu of fine food that will appeal to all tastes and budgets. You can even have dinner at Deam House if you prefer. Then you might want to choose Deam House as the venue for your next event.

Deam House offers everything from simple pub food to elaborate five-star style dining experiences. The restaurant and bar staff are friendly and willing to help with what you are looking for, and this will make your visit a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

The Dream House is located right on the edge of the famous St Helens Valley and can be reached by several means.