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10 Unique and Minimalist Wall Wallpaper Inspirations for Your Home


Are you a fan of simple, sleek, and minimalist interior design? That means, if you want another texture on the walls of your home, you can put a minimalist-style wallpaper there.

Minimalist wall wallpaper is always synonymous with white. Even so, the white color on the wallpaper is not always boring and seems flat for the walls of your home. Many minimalist wall wallpapers actually manage to make your home look more attractive and modern.

Here are some minimalist wall wallpaper inspirations that you can choose for your home:

#1 Minimalist Herringbone Patterned Wallpaper for Dining Room Walls

The white nuance and simple pattern make this minimalist herringbone patterned wallpaper a good choice. Pool table games can put this wallpaper in the dining room and combine it with Scandinavian-style interior ideas.

#2 Subtle Floral Patterns on Minimalist Wallpaper

This wallpaper is suitable for those of you who want to blend a natural and minimalist style in your home. The delicate floral pattern on the wallpaper makes this wall decoration suitable for you to paste in a room or room that has indoor plant displays in it. The freshness of the room created by the presence of plants is complemented by the presence of this wallpaper.

#3 Maze Shaped Brush Pattern with Hazelnut Color

Those of you who crave wallpaper with warm colors can choose this maze-shaped brush pattern. You can install this wall decoration in a family room that has a dominance of wooden furniture. To make the room look more visually appealing, you can bring a matching colored rug.

#4 Scandinavian-Geometric Style on Minimalist Wall Wallpaper

For those of you who want to apply a Scandinavian style to your minimalist home or really like all things geometric, you can choose this wallpaper. The 12-sided pattern with thin black stripes on the wallpaper is suitable for blending with Scandinavian light furniture. You can put this wallpaper in your study or work room.

#5 Splashes on Wallpaper for a Quiet Impressed Room

If you are a fan of raindrops and not a trypophobia, you can make this raindrop pattern wallpaper as an option. The pastel gray color of this wall hanging pattern can create a calm and calming atmosphere in the room. You can also make this wallpaper an accent in one corner of the room, such as on the wall where the headboard of your bed is located.

#6 The Eclectic Black Paint Dots Pattern

Even if you choose a minimalist interior style, your home can still look different from the others with the presence of eclectic ideas in it.

Presenting an eclectic style in the room can be done by using this wallpaper first. You can install it in your room while changing some of the decorations in the room to match the color of the pattern. For example, you could display a black nightlight to match this dotted pattern wallpaper.

#7 Minimalist Lines on Wallpaper

The pattern of stripes and monochrome colors on this wallpaper really describes the modern-minimalist style. Therefore, this wallpaper is suitable for a modern-minimalist style dwelling. You can mix it with neutral colored furniture and is functional.

#8 Minimalist Palm Leaf Motif for a Tropical Room

For those of you who want to have a tropical room, you can use this wall decoration in the form of palm leaf patterned wallpaper. In addition to tropical style, this wallpaper with a palm leaf motif is also suitable for rooms with a bohemian feel and atmosphere. Installing this palm wallpaper as an accent can also make your room look visually appealing.

#9 Neutral Cube Pattern on Wallpaper

Those of you who like neutral colors can choose a wallpaper with this cube pattern. Its geometric pattern and gray color make this wallpaper suitable to be present in a minimalist Scandinavian-style room. You can try to install this wallpaper on a pantry wall that has shelves.

#10 Pastel Colored Fern Leaf Pattern

Another wallpaper inspiration for those of you who love natural and minimalist styles. The pastel colors of the fern leaf pattern on this wallpaper can give your room a calming feel. You can mix this wallpaper with some rattan furniture to strengthen the natural impression itself.

Those are the ten inspirational minimalist wall wallpapers with various patterns that you can choose for your home. You can combine the minimalist style on this wallpaper with other stylish interior designs such as modern, scandinavian, natural, boho, etc.

Adjust the furniture that you are going to upgrade with the minimalist wallpaper you have chosen. Later, your room will have a new atmosphere and atmosphere with more matching wall decorations and interiors.