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ZAOZUO DAY in Baitasi

Less than a year old, the brand name ZAOZUO has already conquered public and media attention in China and abroad, thanks to its bold entrance onto the marketplace styled with confidence and a desire to be and feel different from anything associated to the made or designed in China so far.

ZAOZUO returns to Baitasi, after making its launch there one year ago during BJDW 2015, with an afternoon of public events that offer audiences the chance to discover what has been in the making in the past months and what it takes to truly build an international company with design value at heart.

People are invited to join ZAOZUO in Baitasi for an unprecedented encounter with its Founder and CEO Shu Wei and its Creative Director, the Italian designer Luca Nichetto, together with the French designer Constance Guisset and NOTE Design Studio from Sweden – among the many international star-designers that fill the brand’s creative ranks.

The organized events are the roundtable “Design in Mind (a journey from idea to…what exactly?” and the launch of the book “A Short Introduction to Swedish Architecture and Design”.

ROUNDTABLE: “Design in Mind (a journey from idea to…what exactly?)’’

When it comes to design consumers products, a set of material and intangible factors lay ahead of the creative process – from clients’ expectations, market USPs and technical feasibilities to personal idiosyncrasies and childhood memories.

With affluent growing markets like China’s and the ever expanding methodologies of making, distributing and ‘sharing’, what does it really mean today to design for the ‘majority’ and how is ZAOZUO positioning itself in this vast yet fragmented sea of potentiality?

The talk will engage speakers in a sharing session as an impromptu storytelling, delving into the creative process as both a flight of the imagination and an intrinsic feat of compromise. From an idea to product, what happens in between?
The speakers will be taken over a short walk in the hutong neighbourhood of Baitasi historic district beforehand, along its small yet buzzing commercial street, where a dense array of food stalls, markets, small repair shops and ‘vernacular’ convenience stores line the alleys.

They will be asked to take pictures and/or pick a few items that capture their curiosity or imagination. These will be used during the conversation to start a storytelling on how, from a simple image, object or situation, design ideas are generated, and might be taken to reality.

Shu Wei – CEO and Founder ZAOZUO; Luca Nichetto – designer and creative director ZAOZUO, Italy; Constance Guisset – designer, France; NOTE Design Studio – Sweden (speakers)
Beatrice Leanza (moderator)

Sept. 26th, 14:30 – 16:30

The Global School / Marketplace / 52 Gongmenkou Dongcha

“A Short Introduction to Swedish Architecture and Design”

Launch of the book ”A Short Introduction to Swedish Architecture and Design”, the first book to finally be published on the subject in Mandarin. The introduction to the book is presented by its authors, Daniel Golling and Gustaf Kjellin, with a conversation with Swedish representatives from both disciplines and NOTE Design Studio from ZAOZUO.


Sept. 26th, 14:00 – 19:00

The Global School
52 Gongmenkou Dongcha
and Baitasi Print Club
22 Gongmenkou Sitiao