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Workshop Bits and Books

AR burst onto the scene in the late 1980s, but it is now back as the hot new buzzword in design. The new potential for creating stories and books as well as links between information and inventing new worlds is crying out for people to experiment with the AR software.

The AR workshop aims to captivate the interest of innovative designers, artists, photographers, illustrators, drawers, painters and all others wanting to explore an alternative way to link AR with printed matters. This in order to see how the AR and the old format of sharing information with books could compliment each other and create synergies. The workshop is not a technical one, it is designed to be playful, giving the participants the opportunity to explore and create an AR experience whilst sharing thoughts on the process and possibilities.

Tria will publish a book of new media artist Lin Ke, who is one of the most promising and awarded young artists in China. In close collaboration, the designer Sonja Zagermann and the artist have created a printed book that integrates VR technologies, to explore the relation between the physical and the digital. Sonja Zagermann will share her expertise in the field on VR in printed matters. Furthermore, the workshop wishes to explore and to create, together with Chinese experts and creatives, multiple ways of working on publishing in a world of new media art and digital exhibition making. Through the period of four days, experts from different fields will be invited to speak.

I: project space
Pro Helvetia (sponsor)

TBA (participant)
Antonie Angerer, Anna-Viktoria Eschbach, Sonja Zagermann (curators)

Sept. 27th – Sept. 30th

The Global School /
Marketplace /
52 Gongmenkou Dongcha