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When Baitasi Meets Beijing Design Week
Installation Exhibition

The designed device will stand against a wall, and the overall shape represents the outline of the White Stupa Temple. The inner area is built as to abstractly represent the streets of the neighborhood.

The device is ornamental but it is aimed at fostering the participation of the audience. Thanks to a digital questionnaire, people could express their ideas. After this, the production team will collect the insights and suggestions, to summarize and analyze them, as to define statistical results.

In order to know even more about what people think of BJDW in Baitasi, visitors are invited to scan the QR code through their mobile phones, to access the WeChat account in order to answer questions about life in Baitasi during the time of Design Week.

Small gifts will be then distributed to the audience.
The goal of this exhibition is to motivate different social groups to build the city with love and care, combining history and a modern digital lifestyle.