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Urbanitis Forum

In the context of growing urbanization, European cities have to face an acceleration of urban, social, cultural and economic challenges and fragmentation. There is a need for a shift in the way we think cities and urban development, and from the top-down to the bottom-up approach for the new governance models.

The ARTIZEN project aims at exploring these new ways of making the city by co-building it.

This initiative reinforces the cultural and creative abilities of the players to adapt to the growing needs of encouraging citizen’s engagement and empowerment, thanks to the development of a European and a trans-national approach, supported by new narratives about experiences, results and impacts
Within the framework of “Urbanitis Forum” and the Beijing Design Week 2016, the workshop in Baitasi aims at extending the reflexion on the role of creative actors in urban planning to the Chinese context, in particular to this old hutongs neighborhood.

This will be the occasion to work on a specific case, involving local population, exploring together the question of “Culture as a leverage for sustainable urban development: “How culture and art can accompany urban projects; How inhabitants can be actors in the process?”; and to draw the lines of a long-term cooperation program between China and Europe on these specific fields.

Dédale; Sinapolis; CFC
European Commission, French Institute, French Embassy to China (sponsors)

Barbara Gessler and Michel Magnier – EACEA, Eric Messerschmidt – EUNIC Network China, Beatrice Leanza – Creative Director of the Beijing Design Week, Jean-François Chougnet – Former General Director of the European Capital of Culture Marseille-Provence, Director of the MuCEM, Alexandre Labasse – Pavillon de l’Arsenal, Paul Lecroart (participants)

AltArt – Romania, Idensitat – Spain, Prostoroz – Slovenia, Expeditio – Montenegro, Transforma – Portugal, Dédale – France; Sinapolis – China, local Chinese Institutions, Agencies, NGO working in the field of culture, urban planning and architecture (partners of ARTIZAN)

Sept. 27th, 14:30 – 17:30

The Global School / Marketplace / 52 Gongmenkou Dongcha

Beijing CFC
Institut Francais
French Embassy
Faguo Wenhua