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Urban Regeneration in the era of Big Data

This project is about changing the urban dynamics of Baitasi hutong area through the design of a flexible intelligence cell for living.

This project started with a research made during the workshop organized by AA (Architectural Association) and Beijing Design Week 2016, about Big Data and cities. From here, Miguel Esteban Alonso developed a new system of design based on urban regenerations of Hutongs through the design of a flexible and intelligent multi-functional cell for living. The prototypes deal with important issues related to Baitasi hutong area such as use, public facilities, space occupancy, gentrification and urban regeneration.

The work proposed was presented as Miguel Esteban’s final thesis for his degree in Architecture at Navarra University (Spain).

Miguel Esteban Alonso, Nicola Saladino

2016.9.23 – 10.7