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UCCA X BJDW Series / Conversations: Recollecting
the International Hotel in the Age of Reform

During the Beijing Design Week and UCCA Exhibition “Accommodating Reform: International Hotels and Architecture in China, 1978-1990”, UCCA x BJDW Series will host a roundtable forum in Baitasi.

The conversations will be about the International Hotels and Architecture in China during the late 1970s and 1980s, being focused on retracing how Chinese international hotels developed as a cultural and architectural phenomenon. New types of cross-cultural exchange took shape within international hotels around the country.

The aim of the talks is reflecting on a group of buildings which embody an era of change and are witnesses of a reshaped environment.
Focusing on seven iconic projects located in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing and Guangzhou, the discussion brings together building models, blueprints, photographs, archival material, artworks and other ephemera. Consolidated and presented together for the first time, these materials recall a vibrant and uncertain era of artistic and intellectual exploration.

The curator of the exhibition and moderator of the conversation is Cole Roskam, architectural historian and associate professor of Hong Kong University. The object of his many researches is examining the role of architecture in mediating moments of transnational interaction and exchange between China and other parts of the world.

Other important guests will be present: Yung Ho Chang (Professor at MIT and Founder and Director of FCJZ), Liu Heung Shing (Founder of Shanghai Center of Photography and photographer for Associated Press awarded with Picture of the Year Award, Pulitzer Prize, Overseas Press Club Award), Lell Barnes (John Portman & Associates).

Ullens Center for Contemporary Art

Sept. 25th,
17:00 – 19:30

The Global School /
Marketplace /
52 Gongmenkou Dongcha