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typo_d’s room garden

In its designated space, the team of typo_d looks forward to exhibiting and selling two masterpieces of paramount importance in recent years: “The Little Detective” and “10 Dialogues & 10 Writings”. Meanwhile, the team expects to create a distinctive space to present the atmosphere and the concept of its design.
The project is centered on a live-action version of an issue of interest, that is the abstraction of a garden in a tiny room.

While traveling to Japan, typo_d encountered innumerable small shops and homes, and this represented the trigger for the generation of the theme. People must squash a miniature, simplified or extracted garden into the cramped space. It seems that only in this way the home is “intact”. Truly inspired by the concept, the team considered exploring the idea of virtualizing an indoor garden. A summary of graphic design methods, conducted over the past ten years, highlighted the four parts in which a garden could be divided. They are: “veranda”, “overlapping peaks”, “canals” and “green views”. After the identification of these sectors, typo_d applied a method of equipment layout, in order to understand people’s feelings when entering this tiny space.

typo_d (organizer and curator)

Sept. 23rd – Oct. 7th

Baitasi Projects
Jia 199 Fuchengmen Inner Street