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Narrative Patterns of Pyongyang

“THE MODEL CITY: Narrative Patterns of Pyongyang” is a visual journey through the socialist architecture and the urban space of the city. The purpose is to unveil the very peculiar narratives of the city, telling ‘stories’ through graphics and architectural photography.

After the Korean War, Pyongyang was rebuilt as a model city for the entire state. Planned completely accordingly to the Juche ideology – as a stage for a new society through being the socialist city – the urban fabric displays an extraordinary narrative content.

Considering art as a means of cultural exchange, the method applied consists in selecting and decoding peculiar characteristics before explaining them visually.
This method is reiterated at an architectural scale through a selection of significant buildings. At the smallest scale, details, patterns, colors and materials are organized for a conceptual sampling of the identity of the city.
The visual language is inspired by the DPRK’s artistic production with all its very peculiar characteristics.

The narrative core of the presentation is composed of 9 ‘stories’: The Scales of Pyongyang, The Monumental Space, The Reiteration of Axis, The cities in the City (Cultural and Sport Complexes), The Social Condensers (Residential Complexes), A 100 mt deep Monument (The Subway), Informal Architectures (The Kiosks), Pyongyang Icons (The Public Architecture), and Pyongyang Impressions (Palette, Textures, Mosaics).

Cristiano Bianchi & Kristina Drapic

Koryo Studio, Studio O (sponsors)

Cristiano Bianchi, Nick Bonner, Vicky Mohieddeen (participants)

Sept. 25th,
15:00 – 17:00

The Global School /
Marketplace /
52 Gongmenkou Dongcha

Studio O
Koryo Studio