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The Dye Room: Hands-on Workshop

Workshops at the Dye Room will focus on natural dyes with an emphasis on the Indigo dyes native to Guizhou. Participants will have the opportunity for hands-on dying as well as learning how dyes are grown, harvested, and transformed into pigments.

Guizhou is a mountainous region in South West China known for its village enclaves that are home for various minority groups who have rich and sophisticated textile traditions.

Shepard’s Family Textile Co-op will be leading the workshop, sharing its knowledge with participants. This organization has spent the last 10 years researching and developing handmade and naturally dyed textiles in Guizhou. Now they know much about textile craft and thus have a strong commitment to working with the best natural materials as well as not compromising on quality or means of production.

Atlas Studio

Shepard’s Family Textile Co-op (organizer and sponsor)

Sept. 27th, 10:00 – 12:00 ; Sept. 29th 10:00 – 12:00

Baitasi Projects
29 Gongmenkou Dongcha

Studio Atlas