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The Dye Room – Exhibit

The Dye Room is an interactive space housing multiple activities for Beijing Design Week. The concept for the exhibit arose during a one-year-long collaboration between ATLAS studio and the Global Heritage Fund – in which both sought ways to preserve and promote the textile heritage of Dali village, Guizhou. The Dong people living in this area possess a rich and varied knowledge of natural fibers and weaving, natural dye, and a number of techniques to transform the surrounding living environment into richly ornamented cloth and clothing.

In particular, the exhibit will focus on seasonal Indigo dyes, rain bleached fabrics, and burnished indigo glossy cloth, creating a layered interior world that mirrors the external cosmos.

The Global Heritage Fund, ATLAS Studio, and the Shepard’s Family Textile Co-op have come together to create The Dye Room. During Design Week the space will host a temporary shop and an exhibit featuring the work of women in Dali village, textiles from Shepard’s Family, and designs by ATLAS studio. In addition there will be workshops and talks about textile craft and techniques.

Each of the three partners will bring a unique perspective to the value of the cultural heritage preserved in Guizhou today and they are excited to share this knowledge with a wider audience. The GHF is an innovative non-profit dedicated not only to preserving architectural heritage, but to partnering with communities to find economic solutions for fostering the continuity and sustainability of tradition into the future.

Based in Beijing, ATLAS is a multi-disciplinary studio that uses design to bridge between traditional and contemporary contexts.

Shepard’s Family is a textile co-op based in Ronjiang (Guizhou) that has dedicated the last ten years to the research and development of Dong textiles, offering the market a unique and valuable source of handwoven, hand-dyed cloth.

Atlas Studio

Atlas Studio, Global Heritage Fund, Shepard’s Family Textile Co-op / Atlas (participants)
Global Heritage Fund (sponsor)

Sept. 23rd – Oct. 2nd

Baitasi Projects
29 Gongmenkou Dongcha

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