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Best Dutch Book Design

Dating back to 1926, the annual Dutch Best Verzorgde Boeken award is the oldest of its kind in Europe.

The somewhat old-fashioned expression “best verzorgd” (best cared for) has never been dropped because of the fact that what the judges award in the first place are books, not just their design. Each well-made book is a meeting between form and content, the result of a cooperation among a commissioner (mostly a publisher), a designer and the printing industry. The contribution of the various participants is ever-changing.

Each year, Dutch publishers, designers and printers submit over 300 books to be judged. The panel consists mostly of a publisher, two designers and a printer or binder, while the fifth member could be alternately a bookseller, a book historian, a museum curator or a writer on the subject.

Organiser of the yearly competition is the Foundation De Best Verzorgde Boeken, in which professional organisations of the book trade, the designers and the graphic industry cooperate.

Foundation De Best Verzorgde Boeken; Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Shanghai Book Fair & Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (sponsors)

Exhibition design by:
Studio Henny van Nistelrooy

设计师: Irma Boom Office; Dion Boodts; Remco van Bladel; Corine van der Wal; Casier/Fieuws; Joost Grootens, Dimitri Jeannottat, Silke Koeck, Hanae Shimizu, Julie da Silva, Slávka Pauliková; Dune Luniel; Ziga Testen; Melle Hammer; Remco van Bladel, Andrea Spikker; Mevis & Van Deursen; The Theatre of Operations; Jurgen Persijn; Machiel Braaksma; Beukers Scholma; Ubald Seveke; Gert Dooreman, Stijn Dams; Lodewijk Joye; Kummer & Herrman; Haller Brun; Richard Niessen i.s.m. Margot Fabre; Barbara Iwanicka; Studio Frederik de Wal; Patrick Coppens; Barbara van Dongen Torman; SYB; De Vormforensen, Lyanne Tonk; Kris Demey; Joseph Plateau; Koen Bruyneel; Roger Willems; Titus Knegtel; Sven Beirnaert; Robin Uleman; Karel Martens; David Bennewith; Michaël Snitker; Merlijne Marell; Experimental Jetset; Studio Ron van Roon; Mariken Wessels, Jurgen Maelfeyt; Peter Goes; Bureau Merkwaardig – Anouk de l’Ecluse en Daphne de Vries; Steven Theunis – Armée de Verre; Sandra Kassenaar; Dog and Pony; Lex Reitsma (participants)
Foundation De Best Verzorgde Boeken (curator)

Sept. 23rd – Oct. 7th

Baitasi Print Club
Courtyard with a View
32 Gongmenkou Sitiao

Best Verzorgde Boeken
China Netherlands Embassy