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TGS Lab: Interactive Design Swarm Nests

The installation is an upgraded version of the work “Swarm Nests”, created on the occasion of “Milan Triennale 2016”. It reflects the abstract interaction between humans and the surrounding environment.

Through the application of an interactive system, the installation is capable of capturing the movements of people with a sensor. Thanks to the central processor, responsive commands are delivered to the front-end motors that will produce movements. It enhances the experience by activating lights and sound effects, supporting the dreamy atmosphere the installation aims to create.

The overall form of the installation is based on a spatial quasicrystal structure. The tetrahedron, octahedron, and hendecahedron units are aggregated together to form a complex spatial geometry, resembling to a floating cloud.

Designed by Xu Weiguo and his team

Tshinghua University, School of Architecture