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BTS Shop sells products realized for BTS Remade@BJDW2016 as the result of collaboration with designers and as a part of a community outreach program, developed in the context of BJDW in Baitasi.

All branded collaterals created for Baitasi by LAVA Beijing, from way finding and signage systems to printed matter, have been devised to enter dialogue with the visual language of vernacular festive signing (multicolour flags and banners often lining the streetscape of small scale neighbourhoods) as well as with the local residents and business owners, whose shopfronts are mostly clustered around the petit yet buzzing commercial street near to the Marketplace.
The designed items are meant to provide guidance for BJDW’s visitors and to be offered to locals to be used and/or appropriated for their own “business operation”.

These are accompanied by the BTS Official Vendor’s Kit, a set of branded items that each shop owner is provided with and can use during the BJDW’s two weeks.
Each kit includes grocery’s shopping bags, napkins, aprons and banners (designed by LAVA Beijing with the kind contribution of architect Yung Ho Chang of Atelier FCJZ for the aprons’ design).

Furthermore, a special set of tote bags has been realized thanks to the collaboration between Atlas Studio (Beijing) and the Rongjian Textile Co-op from Dali (Guizhou), which has been operating for over ten years building resources, training craftswomen and creating quality standards for hand-loomed and naturally dyed fabrics. Bags are produced using unique Dali’s handmade textiles and a limited edition batch with indigo blue dye.

All these products are on sale at the BTS Shop together with books, magazines, various local and international publications.
The shop will be used to support further design projects and collaborations for product development in Baitasi at the Global School.
As all items are on sale on a first come first served basis, hurry up!

BTS Remade Team; Baitasi Official Vendors (organizers)
LAVA Beijing; Atlas Studio with Rongjian Textile Co-op; Yung Ho Chang (designers)

Sept. 23rd – Oct. 7th; 10:00 – 18:00

The Global School /
Marketplace /
52 Gongmenkou Dongcha

Lava Beijing
Studio Atlas