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SUPERSOFT: Between infrastructure
and communication design

Supersoft proposes a design concept of “supersoft infrastructure”, exploring a possibility for design to get involved with urban operation. The concept is presented through an exhibition and a book.

The word “supersoft” is chosen to define that this is a flowing system in a civil infrastructure, usually connected with the data flow, visual spectacle, and cultural contents in the city. It is a lubricating system for the huge city-machine; without it the machine can function but it will be short-lived, disappointing the user’s expectation.

This system contains some more sub-divided systems, such as spacial info navigation system, spacial identification system, spacial event operation system, spacial language system, and so on. These systems deal with issues like how a city operates, how people manage and use spaces, how a community space generates culture and vitality, how people communicate with spaces, and how to reinvent lifestyles.

Traditional architecture tends to interact with harder site spaces, or to affect flowing spaces through them. Design – especially communication design – would rather interact with softer and floating parameters.
Traditional architecture and new design will intervene together for an improved design of city operation and for the optimization design of built environment. This is not only a highly crossed practice field, but also a combination of multiple professions and methodologies, that will create a more dynamic domain for ‘network practice’.

Max Office

Zhang Shoupin (curator)

Sept. 23rd – Oct. 7th

Baitasi Print Club
Courtyard Hybrid
22 Gongmenkou Sitiao

Max Office