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Soft City
People As Infrastructure

A recurring theme in Lard Buurman’s photography is urban public space. This space is not only defined by buildings, architecture and infrastructure, but, above all, by the people who inhabit this space. Buurman’s primary interest is represented by these people, their use of the city, the functioning of public space and the (co-)habitation in a urban landscape.

This workshop will start with a short introduction of the history of street photography, linked to the photographer’s research that has led him to his own visual idiom. In his own words: “In my photographs I do not so much want to record the reality of the moment, but rather the everyday reality of the place. By combining images out of multiple ‘documentary’ photographs, a hybrid form -between documentary and staged photography – comes into existence. At the same time I play with the possibility of a crossing with cinematography”.

After the introduction, the workshop continues on the streets of Baitasi to capture the area with a focus on the human posture, and ‘people as infrastructure’.
In the afternoon there will be a discussion about the results and a selection of pictures will be printed out for a small group-show on the central square of Baitasi.

Institute for Provocation

Embassy of Netherlands (sponsor)

Max Gerthel (curator)
Lard Buurman – NL (participant)

Oct. 2nd

Baitasi Projects / Dongxicha Square

I Provoke
Lard Buurman