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Pop-Up Studio X – Baitasi Mini-Symposium
“Urban Data for Good: Data-Empowerment and Informal Communities”

Pop-up Studio X – Baitasi will host a mini-symposium at The Global School, that will be moderated by Dr. Tat Lam. Local and international researchers will be present to share their experiences and work on community data-empowerment.
Through discussion and examples, the mini-symposium hopes to generate a cross-pollination of knowledge: from fieldworkers and social entrepreneurs at the forefront of community engagement, to planners, policymakers and social investors at various levels.

The mini-symposium focuses on the topic of data and hutong or informal urban space in China, and it is divided into the following thematic streams:

1. Defining and contextualizing the environment of hutong data & technology
2. Data literacy and tech in the everyday life of hutong communities
3. Working online-to-offline in the field: tools, agents, and subjects
4. Culturally sensitive strategies and incentives for data collection & sharing
5. Methodologies to integrate social science with data science in the market
6. Long-term implications for grassroots’ accessibility to data infrastructure, data science tools, and data-driven insights
7. The impact of growing data reservoirs on social development & social entrepreneurship

About Studio-X Beijing

It is an active research platform dedicated to the exchange of ideas and experimental thinking about the future of cities. Its scope extends regionally to include Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai and other cities throughout China and East Asia. It continues to expand its network of collaborators by joining forces with other international institutions and schools of architecture and by engaging Columbia University’s broad network of alumni.

About Shanzhai City (SZC)

It is a social enterprise building data technology solutions for developing regions in China, Southeast Asia, and Global South. Shanzhai City’s expertise, as well as its propriety technology Impact Learning, will be utilized throughout the aforementioned workshop and exhibition, providing technology prototypes, methodologies, and direction.

Studio X Beijing; Shanzhai City, Sans

Columbia University GSAPP – Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation; Columbia Global Centers East Asia – Beijing (sponsors)

Dr Tat Lam – CEO SZC (curator)
TBC (participant)

Sept. 24th, 14:00 – 17:00

The Global School /
Marketplace /
52 Gongmenkou Dongcha

Shanzai City
Sans Practice