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TGS Pop-up Canteen

It is crucial to involve local vendors in the project of Baitasi Remade, as they are a fundamental part of the community that can’t be left out.

The team of POP-Up Canteen works on the redesign of the food packaging and of the space of “Aunt Wang’s buns”, always with an eye on the needs of the locals. Respecting the philosophy of the entire renovation project of Baitasi, which focuses only on coherent and reasoned initiatives, the project of The Global School’s POP-up Canteen presents an innovative way to merge the old and the new in the context of the Baitasi area.

D-T-Z-W Design Studio

Sept. 23rd – Oct. 7th

The Global School /
TGS POP-up Canteen /
59 Gongmenkou Dongcha