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Nostalgia Beijing Society
the Nostalgia in the region of Baitasi

In recent times, China has gone through major changes.
Beijing is no exception, as the city experienced the demolition and reconstruction of many areas, resulting in a mix of old and new urban structures. Worried by the possibility of losing the important identity of some historical zones, the Government defined a plan of conservation of some districts, such as the Baitasi’s.
The “Homesickness social-practice-team” is composed by volunteers of the Beijing Forestry University/Landscape University, with the goal of protecting the famous historical and cultural district.

Their work is articulated as follows: research and analysis activities to discover the historical value of the old alleys, then experiencing the courtyard life and recording the present situation of urban settlements and their possible evolution. Along with this, the team will listen to people’s thoughts, understanding the problems of living in the hutongs. Finally, they will find a suitable way of “community construction mode” to develop the old city.