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BAITASI 2016 International Design Competition

There are many tiny courtyards scattered in the old city of Beijing, which are different from the typically ordered ones in the city.
“Yuan’er” (courtyard), is the most essential element in the composition of the old town of Beijing. For a long time, “Yuan’er” has been characterized by all the possibilities of working, entertainment, leisure and dwelling for the local people. The space inside is usually very small, and living in it can be hard but colorful. It is part of Beijing’s realistic life, and it is a miniature of China’s old cities.
The question arising from the analysis of this areas is “After China’s rapid urbanization and modernization in the past three decades, what is possible to do for these tiny courtyards and for people living in these places?”

The Baitasi 2016 International Design Competition aims to draw the attention of the world towards the small courtyards in Beijing, in order to reinterpret and reinvent new possibilities of development for such regions in the context of urban development.

Imaginative explorations of regional styles have limitless possibilities and they can help breathing new life into the Yuan’er as well as providing sustainable solutions for the Baitasi neighborhood and similar old towns in China.

Beijing Huarong Jinying Investment & Development Co. Ltd.
World Architecture Magazine (participant)

Sept. 23rd – Oct. 7th

The Global School /
Marketplace /
52 Gongmenkou Dongcha