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TGS LAB: OpenSource Design Open Desk

Founded in East London in 2013, Opendesk is a global platform for local making, that can be used to download, make and buy furniture.

As more and more people can easily have access to 3D printing, laser-cutting and CNC milling machines, Opendesk believes that the world of design is about to experience a new Industrial Revolution, in which factories of the future are workshops, garages and homes.

Their idea is thus based on the principles of Open Making. People can download the digital files of the objects they like, directly from the website. Then, the furniture can be made locally, worldwide, using a digitally-controlled CNC routing machine.
In this way, Opendesk provides an innovative global distribution channel for designers and jobs and new customers for makers.

This network made of creative people and design lovers all over the world is expanding day after day. Many companies and innovative organisations are now using Opendesk’s furniture and several designs in the collection have been selected for permanent exhibitions in design museums.