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TGS Lab: Hutong Regeneration

The city of Beijing has experienced a dramatic urban transformation during the last 15 years. This metamorphosis is a melting pot of contrasts in urban, social, economic and environment fields. The continuous process of destruction and construction originated a series of unanswered questions about new settlements and the preservation of the existing urban fabric.

During the past 4 years, LCD has been exploring the notion of “Hutong” in the old city of Beijing as a model of urbanisation. The team applied code-based procedures and various digital design techniques, in order to generate multiple articulations of urban massing. The focus is on the subdivision of larger urban fields into smaller landmasses, to be modeled as a series of differentiated entities.

Using time-based urban dynamics, phasing, staging and non-linear scenarios to imagine the possible future development of the Hutong urban environment, LCD will forecast the potentialities of the open spaces.

LCD – Laboratory for Creative Design