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TGS Lab: Benz Model+Zensun3D

Benz Model is a renowned model making company, based in Beijing. Known also for having introduced the SLA3D printer in the model-made, it has always based its work on outstanding cooperations with big scale architectural design companies and international famous architectural design offices. In fact, Benz Model co-worked with significant partners to develop many of the most important architectural projects in Beijing – such as National Centre for the Performing Arts, National Stadium (Bird’s Nest) project, China Central Television, China Zun Tower, Beijing Daxing International Airport and Beijing Executive Vice Center (Lu Cheng).

Zensun3D is a highly technological company, specialized in 3D data services (professional data acquisition, data processing and data printing), boasting a strong knowledge of production processing and data training.

Researching on FDM 3D printers and 3D Infrared handheld scanners, Zensun3D strategically cooperates with Shanghai UnionTech Technology Co. LTD, which is the largest domestic producer of 3D printers.