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Inspired by the way some Chinese people carry, package and transport their belongings, Casper Notenboom decided to design a collection of bags that adapt the shapes to their content.

The designer did researches about the possibilities of a highly functional way of carrying something, applying the results in a present-day product.
By using the construction of the bag and fixating it with techniques such as vacuum and heat sealing, the bags are easily adaptable to what is inside them.
The focus here is on the maximization of movement of growth and shrinkage. Modern day life is making individuals more mobile and this results in an increasing demand for adaptability and flexibility. Travelers will benefit from a bag that is adaptable, also because it is a way to place things and create a certain stability in a constantly changing environment. The bag is seen as a place where people can storage and secure their belongings, changing its volume according to what you decide to put inside it.

The entire collection is a result of the designer’s passion for traveling and mobility, reflecting his method of thinking and working, focused on “design while making”.
The materials and techniques used are closely connected and he intends to combine these aspects in the best possible way, in order to create high quality products. 

Casper Notenboom

Sept. 23rd – Oct. 7th

The Global School /
Marketplace /
52 Gongmenkou Dongcha

Casper Notenboom