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Impact Learning
Digital Transparency and Data Literacy

How can we effectively mobilize traceable data technologies to expand the horizons of bottom-up social development? How can data actually be leveraged in practice to foster more social and economic inclusivity and new systems of transparency? With an eye on these pivotal questions, Shanzhai City, with additional support from Studio X, will explore the emerging field of data during Beijing Design Week 2016.
The workshop aims to develop prototypes and processes in order to empower grassroots communities in Beijing and beyond, by investigating data literacy, culturally sensitive technologies and human-centric data infrastructure in the city’s hutongs districts.

The prototype will take the form of a continuous series of gatherings, discussions and fieldwork, inviting experts and local students to contribute to the development of a data infrastructure system for grassroot communities, social innovators, funding organizations and administrative ones.
The system itself will consist of a network of field agents and socially innovative community engagement technologies for data collection and insight communication. Data will then be analyzed and visualized through a publicly accessible dashboard available online and via public exhibition and video projection within the community.

About Shanzhai City (SZC)
It is a social enterprise building data technology solutions for developing regions in China, Southeast Asia, and Global South. Shanzhai City’s expertise, as well as its propriety technology Impact Learning will be utilized throughout the aforementioned workshop and exhibition, providing technology prototypes, methodology and expertise.

Shanzhai City Ltd – SZC (organizer and sponsor)

Tat Lam – Ph.D. and CEO of Shanzhai City (director, curator)
Qianni Wang, Ren Jue Ph.D., Linda Lim Ph.D., Youyang Ho, Terrence Lam, Neill Mclean Gaddes, Yijing Xu (curators)

Sept. 23rd – Oct. 7th

The Global School / Marketplace / 52 Gongmenkou Dongcha

Shanzai City