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I live in Baitasi
An Oral History on the Human Geographical Space of Baitasi Community

“I live in Baitasi” is a series of special interviews initiated by Luminocity – Tongji University Press. Scholars of different backgrounds and related media will be divided into small groups to interview different categories of local residents. The interviews will be centered around various topics, in order to lead a complete social investigation. The main themes are: history and changes of the human geographical space, the changes in family structure, in the residential spaces and in the entire community structure, the local residents’ demands and expectations for improvements of the actual living conditions.

Luminocity has been focusing on professional publishing in the realm of urban and architecture for a long time. It has made many efforts in promoting the professional-public communication. Thanks to this project, implying open and interactive interviews, the team wishes to push forward the “Oral History Project” related to the study of the human geographical space in Baitasi Community. Through individual narratives, the intrinsic logic of the community will gradually emerge. It will be useful for a further understanding of the local history, current status, renovation ideas and expectations for future development from different stakeholders. This approach allows to dig into the everyday appearance in order to know even more about the community life that is actually taking place. The video documentation of the “Oral History Project” can also be a starting point in the process of tracing and presenting the changes of the human geographical space in Baitasi.

Interview team:

Chen Haixia (architect)
Cheng Zhi (partner of OEU-ChaO)
O.G Cheng (documentary photographer)
Jiang Weiwei (urban planner, Beijing Municipal Institute of City Planning & Design)
Liu Yang (principal architect, DL atelier)
Qi Ying (PhD, lecturer at Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture)
Zhu Qipeng (partner of Original Architec)
Wang Dabao (vice editor-in-chief of ‘bookcraft’, former manager of Kubrick bookstore)

Host:2016 Beijing Design Week, Tongji University Press
Curator:Luminocity, Tongji University Press

24th September, 14:00-17:00;
27th September, 10:00-12:30;
28th September, 10:30-12:30; 14:30-15:00

Venue: 52 Gongmenkou Dongcha, the Market Space

Lumino City