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Hutong Folding

Moving life into Hutong is not easy, especially in the Baitasi area.
The small alley is always congested with stores, booths, peddlers, old junks, people sitting around playing games. Driving through this space is made even harder and more dangerous because of all these factors.
Moreover, during the team’s investigation about how to rearrange the public area, local residents showed their deep resignation about this situation.
It seemed impossible to make a planning that satisfies everyone’s needs and meets the functional requirements at the same time.

The classical design style of traditional Chinese “Ma Zha” (a kind of campstool) really inspired SKD Art Education and A-T ARCHITECTS, that have developed folding furniture – tables, chairs, fences – from elements of daily lives, enhancing them with the unique “one-piece” structure which transforms two-dimension stuff into multi-dimension geometric structure. The “wall-fitting” design does not only save space, but it also guarantees the security and fluency of transportation. The wooden structure is both economical and environmental friendly.
This project focuses on the daily life of the locals, trying to provide a spatial installation for the residents and for the traders, to sell and dry clothes. The rotation axis connecting each square components allows the parts to be rotated in both horizontally and vertically directions. Through several steps, this installation can be transformed from a small space into a larger scale structure, which can be utilized by residents as clothes hanger, or by traders as booth.

The initial state of the installation is one plane frame. After the expansion, the frame becomes a complex structure with a variety of different heights. The higher frame can be used for clothing hanging, and the lower frame as table or booth for selling. This design can also provide residents with a rest seat. Through saving space and reforming the daily behavior of the Hutong, this design provides a better and optimized space for the narrow path of the Hutong, making the daily life more interesting and convenient.


高文毓、温双斌 (curators)

Sept. 23rd – Oct. 7th

The Global School /
Marketplace /
52 Gongmenkou Dongcha