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Designed in CAFA
Made in Germany

Under the motto “Designed in China, made in Germany” Nachtmann collaborated with industrial design students from CAFA to develop ideas and prototypes for a product that would be versatile, lively, sophisticated and affordable and that can reflect Nachtmann’s “Luxury every day” claim.

Two products have been developed over the last 18 months for the international market. One is JIN YU, designed by Zhang Sicong and inspired by the free-flowing movement of a goldfish (Jin Yu) tail, traditionally symbolizing luck and abundance in Chinese culture. The second one is SHU FA, designed by Mao Churong & Gong Yining. It is inspired by the gentle, yet strong, calligraphic ink paintings of Chinese mountain rock landscapes.

Ben Hughes (organizer and curator)
A4 Studios, Beijing (sponsor)

Zhang Sicong; Mao Churong; Gong Yining (participants)

Sept. 23rd – Oct. 7th

The Global School /
Marketplace /
52 Gongmenkou Dongcha