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The peaceful hutongs of Baitasi are located in the middle of the lively financial district of Beijing. The real estate developer of this zone planned to turn it soon into the site for new living spaces for young professionals working over here.

The project of Data Alley starts from this point, with the goal of being a supportive tool for the future inhabitants of the Baitasi area. The international creative agency that organized the project, LAVA Beijing, collected demographic, architectural, historical, culinary and literary data, to give a clear overview of the neighborhood.

In order to show the gathered information in an immediately comprehensible way, the designers made standout infographics. They put data, numbers and percentages on photos picturing people and their daily lives, as well as various kinds of objects found in the hutongs of Baitasi.

In this way, people could get to know the area, the streets, the shops as well as its inhabitants, their habits, their ways of living and behaviors.
This data collection can be an interesting way, also for the visitors of this neighborhood, to deeply understand the soul of Baitasi, especially during the Beijing Design Week.

LAVA Beijing

Sept. 23rd – Oct. 7th

The Global School
52 Gongmenkou Dongcha

Lava Beijing