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Capturing Baitasi

Participants of this workshop are invited to explore the Baitasi area and to take photographs of anything that could be inspiring for the creation of wearable products.

The subjects of the pictures might be people, materials, colors, constructions and shapes that stimulate the curiosity. The images will then be used as a basis to start developing a wearable product.

During the workshop, people will experiment the use of unconventional materials together with new quick ways of making. Prerequisites for participants are curiosity and manual dexterity. To take part in this workshop, it is necessary to register at Only 15 places available, so hurry up!


1. Short general introduction with examples of ways of working and constructing in a quick, inventive and intuitive manner.
2. Session of inspiring photography in the area, collection of the pictures
3. Hands-on phase with 3D models and mock-ups
4. Assembly of materials with the tools provided and experimentation of quick ways of creating
5. Analysis of the pictures in relation to the created model, the area, the function assigned: how to present the product and what image to create.

Casper Notenboom; Mijke Pasmans

Sept. 25th and Sept. 26th, 13:00 – 18:00

The Global School / Marketplace
52 Gongmenkou Dongcha

Casper Notenboom