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Beijing: Place and Memory:
New Media Exhibition and Design Bazaar

ArtShare presents the “Beijing: Place and Memory” Pop-up Event, that includes a new media exhibition and a design bazaar. The organizers initiated this event to wake people’s memory of Beijing, and re-explore the city from new prospectives.
“Our city is our home” – they say.

The new media artworks at the exhibition are reminiscences of the old days of Beijing. The installation will inspire the audience’s thoughts about the city’s challenges, rebirth and renewal, during this dynamic era. On the occasion of this event, organizers have also invited the traditional Beijing craftsman to present their works and lead the craft workshop. People will have the opportunity to experience some basic steps of the traditional Beijing craftworks.

There are thousands version of Beijing in different people’s eyes. Taking part to this event, people will re-examine the city, like a familiar stranger, and thus share a collective memory with many other people. The exhibition will last from September 24th to October 7th, while the pop up market will be held on September 24th and 25th.