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A Short Introduction to
Swedish Architecture and Design

“A Short Introduction to Swedish Architecture and Design” is the first book on the subject to be published in Mandarin.

After an introduction of it by the authors Daniel Golling and Gustaf Kjellin (founders of Summit), there will be a conversation with Swedish architects and designers.

“Who’s who in Swedish architecture and design?” and “What were the main historical events, exhibitions, institutions and personalities that shaped it and that were instrumental in turning Sweden into a country with a worldwide reputation for its strong and diverse design culture?”
The book gives readers interesting updated answers to these questions, as well as providing an overview to architecture and design as it looks like in Sweden today.

It is a tool to raise awareness about the diversity of Swedish architecture and design and its most recent advancements, but it also tells how a strong architecture and design culture are embedded in all facets of Swedish society. This is evident in products and furniture designed and made to be aesthetically pleasing and affordable to the consumer but not on the expense of the environment – thanks to the implementation of sustainable wood as a building material in large scale housing architecture.

The content of the book makes it a useful guide for anyone interested in architecture and design in Sweden, as tourists seeking the relevant museums and galleries, students looking for the finest academic institutions, professionals in need of relevant information about past, present and future occidental colleagues.

The ambition of the two authors is to gain and share knowledge of a globally connected and fast-changing design culture.

Embassy of Sweden; Summit

Architects Sweden, Embassy of Sweden, Hästens, Senab Interior, Sweco Architects,TMF – Swedish Federation of Wood and Furniture Industry (sponsors)

Sept. 26th

Baitasi Print Club
Courtyard Hybrid
22 Gongmenkou Sitiao

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