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Baitasi Projects

This program section features a variety of initiatives strongly connected to the area and the above investigated subject matters will be featured in selected locations and/or as discursive programs presented in collaboration with The Global School agenda.

These set off a series of experiments with soft-methodologies of community engagements by way of interventions in public spaces as well as in the service ecology of repair shops, food shops and informal spatiality of networking and exchange typical of hutong street life.

These include the Soft City – Octopus Pavillion installed in the open-air square facing the Old Market. Developed as an interface between resident and visiting publics, it is made of an array of pneumatic cells that can inflate, deflate, glow with colored light in response to activity in the site.

Hutong Summit a modular system developed after a study of local rituals of conviviality consumed in the public areas in Baitasi, which rendered into five different typologies that act independently or as a system, adapting themselves to the context and/or to locals’ preferences. The Baitasi Local Constriction Shop initiated by DAMU and The Dye Room by Atlas Studio both open up propositions around material and practical forms of knowledge integration from grassroots to amateurial and traditional crafts, and how these can become springboards for active cooperation to be implemented in the area on the long run.

…And much more!