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Baitasi Print Club


The BTS Print Club is a multifaceted unit for creative production and experimental investigations around the culture of contemporary communication and its expanding fields, from print and digital to augmented. Here experts and companies in relevant industries, local and international studios and designers will take part in a one-week series of presentations, making sessions and intellectual debates around the future of knowledge-sharing with ever more segmented groups of contemporary urbanites. Relevant exhibitions, events and workshops about publishing and graphic design will also be hosted in the Print Club 3 locations to explore how the graphic medium and its transforming spaces can generate tools for both narrative and archival purposes that will be further developed in concert with The Global School future programs.
Among these: the LAWAAI impromptu-magazine making by a quad of designers lead by LAVA Beijing will be stationed in the newly built Hybrid Courtyard designed by Vector Architects, who also collaborated with MAX Office graphic studio to present an unprecedented research show around graphic design and infrastructure space titled SUPERSOFT. Internationally renowned Swiss school ECAL presents their 5years graphic design survey in the adjacent likewise newly unveiled renovation project by DnA Architects, Courtyard with A View, also home to the Best Dutch Design Books exhibit designed by Beijing based Dutch Studio Henny van Nistelrooy.

A community oriented program looking at generating archival records of oral history and residents’ life is developed in collaboration with Studio Archipelago/Luminocity and is presented in the last of the three new architectural renovation projects by ZAO/standardarchitecture, dubbed Co-Living Courtyard, which continues archtiects Zhang Ke experiments in the hutongs after those initiated in the Dashilar historic hutong area.

BTS Print Club Locations:

Courtyard Hybrid designed by Dong Gong (Vector Architects)
22 Gongmenkou Sitiao

Co-Living Courtyard designed by Zhang Ke(ZAO/standardarchitecture)
36 Gongmenkou Sitiao

Courtyard with A View designed by Xu Tiantian (DnA)
32 Gongmenkou Sitiao