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Baitasi District in Brief

Baitasi (The White Pagoda Temple) is a cultural and historical preservation zone located just across Beijing’s Financial Street District on the west second ring. A traditional hutong area covering 37 hectares, with Xizhimen business district on the north, looking upon Fuchengmen commercial area and adjacent to Xidan and Xisi shopping districts on the east side, Baitasi presents itself as a cultural oasis, a peaceful enclave among newly developed business areas.

A settlement founded during the Yuan Dynasty, it has preserved itself through the Ming and Qing periods to this day. With its profound historical heritage and rich cultural connotations, the area is home to some of the city’s most ancient attractions: the Miaoying Temple (or White Pagoda Temple) built during the Yuan Dynasty, the Archive of Buddhist Texts, the Beijing Lu Xun Museum (built around the philosopher’s former residence), the Ci Yin Temple, which attracts crowds of worshippers on the 1st and 15th day of every lunar month, all cast among the traditional MinGuo courtyard houses in an architectural style that integrates eastern and western traits. Having lived through historical periods rooted in the establishment of the ancient capital, Baitasi is considered one of Xicheng district’s cultural hearts.