When Baitasi Meets
Beijing Design Week

The designed device will stand against a wall, and the overall shape represents the outline of the... read more

Designed in CAFA
Made in Germany

Under the motto “Designed in China, made in Germany” Nachtmann collaborated with industrial design s... read more


This program section features a variety of initiatives strongly connected to the area and the above... read more

Baitasi District
in Brief

Baitasi (The White Pagoda Temple) is a cultural and historical preservation zone located just... read more

Experiencing Printmaking
in Lu Xun’s Museum

Through seven featured activities taking place in the Beijing Lu Xun Museum, visitors will b... read more

Typography Forum

Typography is always a big issue that all graphic designers have to face in their career lives.... read more

Pop-Up Studio X Baitasi
Data, Insight and Value Co-creation Workshop

Deploying data infrastructure in informal communities can present a formidable challenge as the... read more

Series / Conversations

During the Beijing Design Week and UCCA Exhibition “Accommodating Reform: International Hotels and A... read more

China House Vision
The Book

CHINA HOUSE VISION focuses on investigating and creating “New sense of living” in China in 2025. The... read more


Supersoft proposes a design concept of “supersoft infrastructure”, exploring a possibility for desig... read more

TGS Lab:
Project Antibot

Antibot is an architectural research project done in AA DRL 2015.... read more


How can we effectively mobilize traceable data technologies to expand the horizons of bottom-up... read more

TGS Lab:
Open Desk

Founded in East London in 2013, Opendesk is a global platform for local making, that can be used to... read more

of Design

This project is an exhibition of works by many designers of different levels of experience and... read more

in Baitasi

Less than a year old, the brand name ZAOZUO has already conquered public and media attention in... read more

Scholars’ Study

The exhibition will be part of the main research work, supplemented by Lu Xun’s... read more

TGS Lab:
Robotic Fabrication

This sector is going to introduce the research done and an interesting discussion on robotic... read more

Best Dutch
Book Design

Dating back to 1926, the annual Dutch Best Verzorgde Boeken award is the oldest of its kind in... read more

REMADE Project

First launched with the 2015 edition of Beijing Design Week in the context of Baitasi historic... read more


LAVA Beijing is convinced that behind Baitasi’s sleepy façade lie a host of issues to raise and itch... read more

in Layers

Baitasi in Layers is the result of reMIX studio’s research on the field of urbanism, applied to the... read more

Experiencing the
Living Art Space

This project is centered on the cultural and historical activity of painting tea porcelain, a... read more

The Global

The Global School (TGS) project prefigures the establishment of an unprecedented international... read more

TGS Lab: Benz Model

Benz Model is a renowned model making company, based in Beijing. Known also for having introduced... read more

TGS Lab: 3D Printing

The team of MakerThink, composed by mechanical engineers, electronic engineers, industrial... read more

Introduction to
The Global School Lab

TGS Lab is an innovative onsite design and technology service platform for the urban rege... read more

TGS Lab:
Virtual Reality

LeFUN Science & Technology Co., Ltd is a technology and fashion startup company based in... read more

Intro to Swedish

“A Short Introduction to Swedish Architecture and Design” is the first book on the... read more

from Wuyushestudio

As a consequence of the transformation of national economy, real estate construction is no longer... read more

Urban Regeneration
in the era of Big Data

Changing the urban dynamics of Baitasi hutong area through the design of a flexible intelligence... read more

TGS Lab: Interactive design
1st element

As stated by Gross and Green in a 2012 publication, architectural robotics is defined by... read more

TGS Lab:
Hutong Regeneration

The city of Beijing has experienced a dramatic urban transformation during the last 15 years. This... read more


Participants of this workshop are invited to explore the Baitasi area and to take photographs of... read more


The BAITAcinema is an ephemeral activation of a small courtyard located in the Baitasi historical... read more

Intelligent use of
Water in the city

The municipal water supply company will here present four different design contents to describe a... read more

The Dye Room
Thinking by Hand

This symposium brings together a number of entrepreneurs, designers and experts to explore the ways... read more

Design Competition
final event

This is the conclusive event of the BAITASI 2016 International Design Competition, taking place in... read more


The community of the Baitasi area has a profound historical background and a rich cultural... read more

Unidentified Acts
of Design

Unidentified Acts of Design is a research project that seeks out instances of design intelligence... read more

Hyper Cities

During the last fifty years, the urban fabric of Beijing has changed dramatically and this... read more

Beijing: Place and Memory
New Media Exhibition

ArtShare presents the “Beijing: Place and Memory” Pop-up Event, that includes a new me... read more


This plan adopts the idea of Karesansui to present a simplified Chinese garden without mountains... read more


Based in Zurich and Beijing, Tria is an independent publishing house for contemporary art, with a... read more


Starting from the concept of “nomadic”, the approach for this project implied low-profile and... read more

Future Past

This is a two-day workshop led by Moritz Waldemeyer, one of the most renowned contemporary... read more

Partners and Media

... read more

Pursuing Design as a
Catalytic Social Force

Design has the potential to catalyze and to enable new ways of thinking and doing. Design Society,... read more

TGS Lab:
3D Printing Memes

In in his book “The Selfish Gene” – published in 1976 – Richard Dawkins, a zoologist at... read more

New Institutions

This panel discussion looks at the dynamics of organisations that are shaping the design and... read more

of “Mao Ci”

It is difficult to turn the Hutong areas into “green” ones, due to the narrow space and the poor env... read more

Hutong – with the
Wind and Rain

Hutong has become an important symbol for Beijing since the Yuan Dynasty. After experiencing “Rains... read more

The Dye Room

Workshops at the Dye Room will focus on natural dyes with an emphasis on the Indigo dyes native to... read more


The project is divided in different parts. The first one is “Reborn and People”: things once owned a... read more

Extensively Diverse
Folk Arts

During this special event, residents in the neighborhood will have access to take part in the... read more


Moving life into Hutong is not easy, especially in the Baitasi area. The small alley is always... read more

Conversation Series

The Baitasi Print Club is one of this year’s core venues of BJDW@Baitasi Remade. It is a multifacete... read more


On the occasion of the first edition of the Baitasi Remade project for BJDW 2015, Beijing-based... read more

I live
in Baitasi

“I live in Baitasi” is a series of special interviews initiated by Luminocity – Tongji Univers... read more

Urbanitis Forum

In the context of growing urbanization, European cities have to face an acceleration of urban,... read more

Baitasi Remade
by AAVS Beijing

The Beijing Visiting School aims to establish a networking platform for cross-disciplinary... read more

4 yards
in Baitasi

The architectural revitalization strategy for Baitasi historic district is yet to be fully explored,... read more

TGS Lab: 3D Printing

VULCAN has been awarded with the Guinness World Record for being the biggest 3D printed... read more


The indoor venue aims to be a platform for discussion by mixing an exhibition space with a café, whe... read more

Construction Shop

As one of the last preserved areas of old Beijing, the neighborhood of Baitasi offers a unique... read more

AAVS/IaaC Research
Sharing Session

AAVS/IaaC Research Sharing Session is a common panel discussion to introduce the two exhibitions “Ba... read more

Collective Forms
in China

The history of Chinese city planning follows a cellular logic of development, growth and control.... read more


The 2016 Beijing Design Week is the occasion for the official launch of The Global School, an... read more

Beijing Society

In recent times, China has gone through major changes. Beijing is no exception, as the city... read more


... read more

Pop-up Canteen

It is crucial to involve local vendors in the project of Baitasi Remade, as they are a fundamental... read more

TGS Lab:
Swarm Nests

The installation is an upgraded version of the work “Swarm Nests”, created on the occasion of “Milan... read more

Beijing between
lines and lanes

The actions of observing the streets of a city could give a great overview of how the city itself... read more

Pop-Up Studio X Baitasi
China Workshop Series 2016

On the occasion of “Beijing Design Week: Baitasi Remade”, Studio X will exhibit the research work do... read more

Hutong Summit

The project is the first physical approach of Andrés López and Isabel Driessen’s research in Beijing... read more

tgs LAB:
CNC woodworking

The Computer Numeric Control – CNC – is the automation of machine tools that are... read more

Soft City

The Soft City Forum will take Beijing and Baitasi as a lens to interrogate “soft” approaches to desi... read more


BTS Shop sells products realized for BTS Remade@BJDW2016 as the result of collaboration with... read more


Inspired by the way some Chinese people carry, package and transport their belongings, Casper... read more


“Originality” is related to the way artisans craft their products, moulding their works of art, insp... read more


REORIENTXPRESS is a journey of dialogues with 90 designers and other actors of different... read more

New Towns

In China, a generation of New Towns has emerged recently, as to balance the distribution of the... read more

BAITASI 2016 International
Design Competition

There are many tiny courtyards scattered in the old city of Beijing, which are different from the... read more

As Infrastructure

A recurring theme in Lard Buurman’s photography is urban public space. This space is not only define... read more

The Ideal Home
Starting with Fu Sui Jing

THE IDEAL HOME focuses on investigating and creating a “New sense of living” for China in 2025.... read more

The Dye Room

The Dye Room is an interactive space housing multiple activities for Beijing Design Week. The... read more


“THE MODEL CITY: Narrative Patterns of Pyongyang” is a visual journey through the socialist architec... read more

Graphic Design

Invited by Pro Helvetia Shanghai, ECAL (University of Art & Design Lausanne) presents an... read more

Bits and Books

AR burst onto the scene in the late 1980s, but it is now back as the hot new buzzword in design.... read more

in Mind

When it comes to design consumers products, a set of material and intangible factors lay ahead of... read more

Electric Bike

During this workshop, Escape electric bike founder 车在镕 JaeYong will take participants through the pr... read more


This project will show the work of a standard architectural design firm, together with the curren... read more

and Design

YOJU is aimed at boosting new development of city and architecture through the integration of... read more

room garden

In its designated space, the team of typo_d looks forward to exhibiting and selling two... read more


The peaceful hutongs of Baitasi are located in the middle of the lively financial district of... read more

T-Shirt Print

This workshop is for everyone who would like to experience novel forms of mark-making and... read more

TGS Lab:
Body Space

The BwO is the virtual field of the body, the domain of the basic particles and forces (“singulariti... read more


Human Greenergy is an Artistic Energy production experiment, centred on the environment and on... read more

Soft City
Octopus Pavillion

The Octopus Pavilion provides an inviting, interactive open-air public space at the heart of the... read more

Exchanging Books
and Making Friends

Everyone is welcome to join this activity. The organizers will choose 100 people amongst all t... read more

A history of
collective movements

“A History of Collective Movements” portrays national mobilization in the context of China’s moderni... read more

CAFA / Everyday

This is an ongoing series of exhibitions that showcase projects tackling familiar and... read more

TGS Lab: Interactive
Design lampire

“Lampire” is a combination of the words “Lamp” and “Respire”.... read more

Pop-Up Studio X
Baitasi Mini-Symposium

Pop-up Studio X – Baitasi will host a mini-symposium at The Global School, that will be... read more

Print Club

The BTS Print Club is a multifaceted unit for creative production and experimental investigations... read more